Baggage: Leave Home without It

Baggage: Leave Home without It

Now is the time where we can’t let our past dictate our present and future. Too often we hold ourselves back because Johnny did this to me and Suzy dumped me when I was…What will you let define your life? Johnny and Suzy are likely having fun and had no idea they did something so life altering to you while you become paralyzed by the injury of their words or actions. 
How do I know this? Picture it: the summer of 2020. As agents, we know that 2020 and 21 were some of the hottest, if not the hottest, years in the 16 years I have been an agent. Well life as I know it would change fast. 
A series of events that could have undone me happened. My wife of 25 years left our family (I recently got married to my dream girl and am so grateful). I became a single dad with primary custody of my two kids. Less than a month later my dad got COVID and soon after passed away. I then had a car accident while showing homes. Also had a major insurance claim on a rental home and had to fire an employee I had in another endeavor. And if that wasn’t enough, in month four of all of this, I sold my own home and bought a new one, but as a single dad. 
What if I told you I had my highest transaction count that year I had ever had -62- as a solo agent!  I had a choice to make- to either rise up or crumble. I chose to rise up and never looked back. Since that time, the flood gates in my business have opened and there are so many opportunities coming my way at unexpected times. I feel very blessed indeed.  Whatever your challenges are, rise up! They will make you stronger and open the door of abundance. 

Growing as a real estate agent

Growing your real estate business is more than just making phone calls or going to network meetings. It is about growing yourself first. When you grow yourself, you will find that you have unlocked the secret sauce that helps a majority of successful entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Rock on!

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Jamie believes that businesses with a heart can help change humanity. His vision is to help his clients by being a servant leader to them in the home buying/selling process, making the transaction easy.

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